Wound Cleansing and care

Please take a look at our range of products to cleanse wounds.  Convenient individual pods/sachets are perfect for the first aid kit, or for travelling.  Steropod Saline pods, Normasol Saline irrigation sachets, and Sterowash Wound/eye wash pods provide a measured application every time.

We also stock sterile water, and Irriclens wound irrigation solution.

Alcohol-Free wound cleansing wipes are perfect for first aid use, and are particularly suited to application to children.

Buy wound care products here

steripod saline pods

Wound Closure

We sell various products for professional wound closure.

A wide range of Ethicon absorbable and non-absorbable sutures are available, including Ethilon, Prolene, Mersilk, Coated Vicryl, Vicryl Rapide and Monocryl.  We also supply Precise Vista skin stapler, and Precise skin staple remover.

Steri-Strip skin closure strips are sterile reinforced strips that provide a better cosmetic outcome than staples or sutures.

Buy wound closure products here

Ethicon sutures

Wound Dressings

Medical Box supply a wide range of dressings to suit the requirement of every wound.

Film & island dressings: Cutiplast, Duoderm extra-thin, Mepore, Mepore ultra, Primapore, Opsite Post-Op and Opsite spray dressing.

Absorbent/Surgical Dressings: Kaltostat, Melolin, Melolite, N-A Viscose dressing, Sorbsan Flat, and Trauma dressings

Impregnated Dressings: Bactigras, Inadine, Jelonet and Kaltostat.

Foam Dressings: Lyofoam, and Mepilex border.

We also supply Adaptic digit dressings, Burnshield Hydrogel burn dressings, Tegaderm intraveneous dressings and Opticlude eye patches.

Buy wound dressings here


Gauze Swabs

Non-sterile Swabs: Gauze swabs, non-woven swabs, Topper 12 swabs, and Topper 8 swabs in various sizes.

Sterile swabs: Gauze swabs and Topper 8 swabs, in various sizes.

Buy gauze swabs here

Sterile non-woven swabs

Surgical Tapes

We sell a variety of tapes, including the following:

Microporous tape – Breathable, general purpose tape : Micropore, Micropore skin tone (for cosmetic applications), and an economical microporous tape, also available to buy on a dispenser.
Mefix self-adhesive fabric.
Microfoam foam tape – ideal for securing dressings and compression applications in difficult areas.
Transpore – Transparent, perforated tape.
Blenderm – transparent tape, providing a fluid barrier.
Zinc Oxide tape: conforms very well to skin, and easy to tear.
Durapore – silk-like tape, used where strength is required. Permeable backing for breathability.
Zoff adhesive remover wipes: for the comfortable, safe and complete removal of tape and adhesive residues.

Buy surgical tapes here

Micropore tape

Cotton wool and applicators

A range of accessories for wound care, including cotton wool balls in small or large, sterile cotton wool balls, cotton wool roll. cotton buds, and cotton-tipped applicators – sterile and non-sterile.

We also supply medicine measures, medicine spoons, tongue depressors and wooden stick applicators to meet your sundry needs.

Buy cotton wool & applicators here

Large cotton wool balls

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