Single-Use Instruments

A range of high quality, single use instruments for the prevention of cross-contamination.

Scissors- dressing scissors, plastic handled scissors, Iris scissors, Mayo scissors (straight or curved), and Lister bandage scissors.

Forceps- Dissecting forceps – Adsons or Iris. Artery forceps – Spencer wells, or Mosquito. We also supply Kilner and Mayo Hegar needle holders.

Our range of gynaecology instruments includes Pelican thread retriever, Cherron forceps, coil remover, dilators, Galabin uterine sound, scissors, Vulsellum (including Teales), Tenaculum, and spongeholders.

Miscellaneous instruments include Thudichums nasal specula, and hunter splinter forceps.

Buy single use instruments here

Pelican sponge holders

Single use instrument Packs

Medical Box supplies single-use instrument packs to make sterile procedures easier, and safer.

Check out our range of packs, including circumcision packs, fine suture packs, IUCD packs, minor surgery packs, skin biopsy packs, suture removal packs and vasectomy packs.

Buy single use instrument packs here

Skin biopsy pack

Reusable Instruments

We also sell reusable instruments, including patella hammers, and tuff-cut scissors.

Buy reusable instruments here

patella hammer

Scalpels and blades

We stock a range of Swann-Morton blades, scalpels, and handles. These versatile blades are available in stainless steel (green box) or carbon steel (red box), and in a range of shapes and sizes to suit your needs. Stitch cutter blades and complete scalpel units are also available.

Safe blade removal can also be achieved with the blade remover box and unit.

Buy scalpels and blades here

Swann-Morton scalpels

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