Paper rolls and paper hand towels

Blue and white hygiene rolls and couch rolls are ideal for protecting couches and tables during procedures and examinations.

White centre feed rolls are ideal for easy and quick dispensing. They can be used either as a normal roll, or the paper can be pulled from the centre of the roll after the core has been removed.

We stock a wide range of hand towels suitable for all washrooms. For more hygienic hand drying.

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C-fold paper towels

Clinell sanitising range

Clinell offer a wide range of cleaning and disinfection products.

For the rapid cleaning and disinfection of surfaces, then use the disinfectant spray, detergent wipes, or universal sanitising wipes.  For hands use the anti-bacterial sachet wipes, sanitising alcohol gel, and universal sanitising wipes.  The detergent wipes and universal sanitising wipes can also be used on equipment for extra versatility.

The products are extremely effective against most bacteria and germs.  Please see each product for more information.

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Clinell products

Skin Cleansing / Disinfection

A full system for the cleaning and disinfecting of skin, particularly hands.

For general skin hygiene wipes – Hygea are the perfect solution.  Supplied in packets or tubs for ease of use.

The first step in hand hygiene is to WASH.  We offer several antibacterial soaps, ideal for washrooms.  Cutan gentlewash is also widely used in clinical environments.  The next step is to disinfect – Our alcohol hand gels and foams are perfect for use on physically clean hands.  We sell Cutan alcohol gel and foam sanitisers, Clinell hand sanitiser, and Purell hand rub.

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cutan hand hygiene system

Surface Disinfection

A wide range of products for cleaning an disinfecting surfaces.

We offer spray applications, such as multi-surface disinfectant and Clinell disinfectant.  there is also a large range of wipes available to buy online, such as Clinell detergent wipes, Clinell Universal Sanitising wipes, Alcowipe alcohol wipes, Sani-cloth 70, Sani-cloth CHG 2% wipes and Azowipes.  Branded quality that can be trusted.  If you prefer to mix up your own disinfectant solution, we also offer Virkon disinfection tablets and granules, and Presept tablets.  An economical solution to kill a wide spectrum of germs and bacteria.

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sani-cloth CHG 2%