Medical grade gloves

A range of gloves to suit all medical procedures. Our non-sterile gloves are economical, ambidextrous and comfortable. We stock latex, vinyl, synthetic, and blue and purple nitrile gloves.

Our sterile gloves are perfect for procedures that require a sterile environment, such as minor operations and surgery. We stock latex and soft vinyl gloves in our sterile range.

Buy gloves here

Synthetic Gloves

Drapes and Gowns

Take a look at our range of drapes and gowns, ideal for a multitude of procedures.  Blue protective thumb-loop gowns, examination gowns with short or long sleeves, and sterile surgical gowns for sterile procedures and operations.

We also supply a range of drapes, including adhesive, adhesive aperture, utility, and water repellent sheet.

Buy drapes and gowns here


Aprons, facemasks, cape, mobcaps, oversleeves and overshoes

A range of items to suit all of your protective needs.

We can supply white or blue plastic aprons – ideal for a range of uses.  Reusable plastic capes are ideal for dental procedures, and ear syringing.

We also sell mobcaps, oversleeves and overshoes – all used by a number of professions and establishments as well as of course,  healthcare ones.

Our facemasks range from the basic cone nuisance masks, which protect against dust and particles, through to the standard ear-loop and tie-on masks and Uniprotect tie-on and ear-loop facemasks.

Buy aprons, facemasks, cape, mobcaps, oversleeves and overshoes here

Blue protective apron

Couch and hygiene rolls

Blue or white hygiene (10″) rolls, or blue or white couch rolls (20″).  Ideal for use by the healthcare professional.  These tissue rolls are perfect for protecting surfaces and for improving patient comfort during examination or procedures.

Manufactured in the UK to a medical grade standard, these rolls are perforated for ease of use in tearing sheets off.

Buy couch and hygiene rolls here


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